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Posted on August 27, 2017 | Blog  

Vertical Small Groups was created to train and equip small group leaders to more effectively make disciples.

You, the small group leader, are doing the real work of the church. You’re carrying the burden of discipleship. You’re the reason we started this!


Leading a small group is a great calling but doing it well doesn’t just happen. Being a good small group leader begins with a genuine, growing relationship with the Lord. We build on that foundation by learning how to effectively use our gifts and how to sharpen our skills in disciple making. To that end, Vertical Small Groups will both encourage you and equip you through practical resources on topics such as: leading a great discussion time, caring for your members when they’re hurting, increasing transparency and vulnerability, and recognizing and celebrating God at work in the members of your group.


We won’t simply be focusing on the how of leading but also the why. Look for topics like: “Why is God’s Word sufficient for our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs?” “Why is vulnerability so important to spiritual growth?”, “Why is mutual ministry a non-negotiable in a small group?”


An invested small group leader is always asking questions to improve their leadership. Our goal is to answer those questions and equip you to be able to share what you’re learning with future leaders.


The goal of all of this is discipleship.

We are all called to be disciple makers (Matthew 28:19-20). It’s about real, lasting transformation that results in increased obedience for the glory of God. It’s not just a change of mind or a change of behavior, but it’s a life change that bears much fruit for the kingdom of God. There is no greater joy in life than to see your faith multiplied into the life of another. So don’t lose heart in your role as a small group leader!


God designed discipleship to work best in community. While the world offers various forms of community, each meeting a basic desire to be known or to fit in, God’s design for community is uncommon and much more powerful. Small groups are uncommon communities applying the truth of God’s Word to everyday life. That’s what we’re after.


Here’s how we’re going to help:


Small Group Leader Training Courses:

  • Uncommon Leadership 101
  • Uncommon Leadership 201
  • Uncommon Leadership 301

Interactive Tools:

  • The Group Health tool (Group Health Assessment & Group Health Coaching Report)
  • The SOS tool (coming soon)
  • The Fruit to Root diagnostic (coming soon)

Ongoing Leadership Development Resources:

  • The Uncommon Leadership Podcast (the only podcast made specifically for small group leaders)
  • Animated how-to videos
  • Regular blog posts


Strong small group leaders are the key to successful discipleship in the church. That’s the reason Vertical Small Groups was created. We look forward to walking with you as you fulfill this great calling – to make disciples!




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