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Uncommon Leadership 101

A comprehensive training anchored in the Word of God, this curriculum is for leaders in any discipling environment who want to be balanced, effective, and excellent in ministering grace and truth. Great for training small group leaders. Also available: the Uncommon Leadership – Apprentice Development Manual. This workbook provides an excellent framework for personal development of a new leader.

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Uncommon Leadership 201

This dynamic training will take you to the core doctrines for building disciples. Learn how your leadership flows from the authority of God’s Word, the power of your identity in Christ, and the process of change in uncommon community.

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Uncommon Leadership 301

Uncommon Leadership 101 laid the foundation for discipleship and care within the small group setting. Uncommon Leadership 201 established the foundational doctrines for ministry. Uncommon Leadership 301 builds on these trainings by instituting the leadership oversight role of the coach.

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Training Opportunities

FAQ 1: Are these trainings available via video?

While video of these trainings is available in the STORE, we believe strongly in the value of equipping in community. For that reason, the videos were created for anyone who wants to strengthen their own ability to train the material. They are not recommended for individual use.

FAQ 2: When should I take each of these trainings?

We recommend that you spend 3-6 months in a small group before becoming an apprentice and taking Uncommon Leadership 101. Once your pastor, coach, and leader all agree that you’re ready to multiply, you’ll launch your own group. We recommend that you take Uncommon Leadership 201 between 12-18 months after you launch. Uncommon Leadership 301 can be taken at any time after you’ve completed 201.

FAQ 3: Can I take Uncommon Leadership 301 if I'm not a coach?

Of course you can! It’s important to remember that while growing in influence and growing in position often go hand in hand, sometimes they happen separately. For that reason, we want you to grow in your competence and influence at all times.

FAQ 4: What is the Apprentice Development Manual?

The Uncommon Leadership Apprentice Development Manual is a workbook-style tool we’ve created to specifically help the small group leader develop a new small group apprentice according to the principles and wisdom found in Uncommon Leadership 101. Find out how to use it with our helpful How-To Video.

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